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About Us

Temples & Mountain Tours is a trusted name in the Himalayan countries of Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India which has been organizing all kinds of leisure and adventure activities across the region. As we are a locally owned inbound tour operator for the region, we offer all kinds of ground services with best quality itineraries and travel planning on wholesale affordable prices. With the support of a strong, well trained, efficient and dedicated workforce, the company has become a name to be reckoned with in the Himalayan tourism industry. Our impeccable record in organizing trips and reliable services has led more than 1000 groups to seek our services in organizing their tours and adventure holidays in this region.


After working for 15 years as a freelance tour & trekking leader in the Himalayas Mr. Umesh Bakhrel has founded Temples & Mountain Tours in 2012. The company is licensed under the Ministry of Tourism, Government of Nepal and its all activities are done from its office at Kathmandu, Nepal. With decades of experience in the Himalayan Tourism World, the team at Temples and Mountain Tours is strong, efficient, well-trained and dedicated. So the company prides itself on its extensive knowledge and network; every team member is being carefully selected for their specialized skills and talents along with their dedication to customer delight. You will surely feel a sense of comfort as you become part of our family while traveling with us.



Cultural Tours:
Temples & Mountain Tours takes you right inside the rich cultural heritage of Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India.  Visit the ancient temples and monuments, filled with exquisite and marvelous specimen of craftsmanship and architecture, all the while our expert and proficient tour guides giving you a glimpse of their glorious and interesting past. Meanwhile, experience the deep rooted centuries old cultural aspect of the local people.

Trekking Adventures:
Temples & Mountain Tours offers largest range of Himalayan trekking adventure itineraries for people with all age group, with any grade of experience and for any time frame. For those who are looking for adventures holiday in the Himalayas, our company offers the ultimate trekking adventure in the Himalayan countries of Nepal, Tibet, India and Bhutan.


Peak Climbing And Mountain Expeditions:
With a team of highly experienced Sherpa Climbers and latest mountaineering equipments, Temples & Mountain Tours has organized successful peak climbing trips of several Himalayan Peaks below 6500 meters and has also led to few Himalayan Mountaineering Expeditions to 8000+ meter peaks in the region.


Rafting And Wildlife Safari:
Temples & Mountain Tours offers exciting Himalayan Whitewater Rafting packages suitable for all level of experienced people within their own time frame. The rafting trips are designed perfectly for families with children to ultimate adventure lovers. Our Wildlife Safari trips are the combination of getting opportunities of seeing wild animals and watching birds in the dense forests of the Himalayan Region housing rich bio-diversity amidst its rolling prairies, tranquil wetlands and majestic woodlands.


Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, Helicopter Tours and Other Adventure Activities:
Temples & Mountain Tours provides all kind of extreme adventure trips who really dare to do it. After a long adventure or leisure trips in the Himalayas if you dare to paraglide, have a big heart to bungee jump, can do cannoning against the current of a waterfall, have guts to climb on a sheer cliff or if you really can, skydive from an altitude of 9000 meters; we just make all these and more adventure trips happen. Temples and Mountain Tours also provide a exotic Heli Treks to the Base Camps of most of the Himalayan Peaks including Mount Everest.


Self Driving & Mountain Biking Tours:
With the support of well trained local guides, Temples & Mountain Tours have been organizing extreme Mountain Biking tours for all kind of bikers in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. Whether it’s a 4 wheel jeep's caravan or a 2 wheel motorbike self driving tours, Temples And Mountains makes all necessary arrangements for the smoothest tours in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India.


Volunteering In the Himalayas:
If you are either looking for a long or a short term volunteering, Temples & Mountain Tours may be the right agency to fulfill your dreams. If you are looking for a short one, then trek through the rural villages and indulge yourself in a volunteering work that matters for the local community. If you are a student taking a Gap year Holiday from your college and looking for a longer volunteering program then you could teach in a local school, help at local health post or work for a local NGO staying with a local family sharing your cultural values with them.


Special Tours:
Temples & Mountain Tours provides customized special trips as per our customer's requirements. Special itinerary with lots of events can be arranged for incentive groups. All necessary documents with trained manpower can be provided for photographic & filming tours, yoga & meditation tours, shamanic tours etc. Staging a Mock Marriage Ceremony for you in a traditional Nepalese way can be a dream event of your life time.



Temples & Mountain Tours team believes in 'Sustainable Tourism' through Eco-friendly Practices. As far as possible, we hire locals giving equal opportunity to women for our outdoor activities in rural areas and we are using local food stuffs as far as possible. Temples And Mountain Tours donates 10% of its yearly profit to local NGOs who are dedicated to improve the educational and health standard of poor Nepalese children in our operational areas. We make sure that all garbage is carried back except those which are safely disposed at campsite. We do not use firewood at any circumstances. We are trying hard to help protect and preserve this beautiful environment for future generations of trekkers to enjoy.



Temples & Mountain Tours, a local agency with the knowledge of all bits and corners of the region have specialized in all kinds of leisure and adventure activities in Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India. We have an excellent workforce of well trained people with positive mindframe. We are conscious about our changing environment and always contributing to make it better. We try to fulfill our social responsibility as much as we can. So, please come and join us for your wonderful Himalayan cultural and adventurous experiences with Temples & Mountain Tours…



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