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Nepal » Trishuli River Rafting
2 Days / 1 Nights

The Trisuli, draining the snow melt of Ganesh and Langtang Himal, gains its name from lord Shiva's three pointed stuff Trisuli. Legend has it that the god drove the tips into the ground creating three small lakes, which form the headwaters of the river Rafting on the Trishuli River is an excellent opportunity to observe the diversity of demography, landscapes, and cultural heritage and the flora and fauna. You can experience the thrills of white-water on the course of three days trip. This can be degraded as per your interest and time. The River is easily accessible from Kathmandu, Tirshuli Rafting, Pokhara and Chitwan National Park. The easy access is provided by the Prithivi Highway, which is the only highway connecting Kathmandu and India, and it runs right alongside the river. During most flows the rapids are straight forward and spread well apart. The river Scenic valleys and impressive gorges, exhilarating rapids and easier sections as well as the right amount of time all make it the perfect trip for first-time or experienced rafters. There are 10 major rapids on the Trisuli starting with "Beginners Luck" and ending with the rocky and technical "Pin Ball" under the bridge of Mugling. The emphasis is on fun and safety. For those short in time for holidays it is a great trip of exciting paddling and plunging through exhilarating rapids. During the monsoon, Trishuli River promises a more challenging ride, with powerful rapids and whirlpools. When the river is running high and wild, there are hardly any rafters around, and rafting on the Trishuli River is without a doubt the most exciting thing you can do in Nepal during monsoon and quite possibly one of the best two days big water rafting trips offered anywhere. There are numerous exciting rapids as the name of Snail's nose, Teendevi, Malekhu rapid, Monkey rapid, Upset, Surprise, Monsoon, Cotton Pony, Ladies Delight, S-Bend, Highway, Monsoon and Pinball Rapid. This makes your fun more challenging during high flows with a good mixture of continuous rapids and pleasant calm water.
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