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Nepal » Karnali River Rafting
11 Days / 10 Nights

Nepal’s largest and longest river the Karnali, springs forth from the base of Mt. Kailash in Tibet, the center of the universe for both the Buddhist and Hindu religions. Karnali lies in the western part of the kingdom in what’s called the “Wild West” of Nepal an area only recently opened to tourism. Seasonal snow melts and storms can cause the river level to swell drastically and create the extreme of white water rafting.

In high water the Karnali is a serious undertaking with fairly straight forward yet huge rapids become more constricted and the gradient steeper one of the highlight of this classic river journey is a 7km long gorge “Thrill-a-minute rollercoaster ride” with rapids at every bend. Truly though, any reason suits the Karnali. From our starting point at Sauli the river drops into imposing canyons filled with powerful, big volume white water. These canyons flow into scarcely populated areas of pristine jungle teeming with abundant bird and wildlife. Rapids like "Captivity", "Flip and Strip" and "Gods House" are separated by just enough easier water to regroup and prepare for the next big challenge. Towards the end of the trip the river gradient begins to ease as the Karnali leaves the mountains and flows out into the Gangetic plains of the Terai. The jungle thickens as the river broadens, and the pristine Beaches become bigger and more beautiful.
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